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4/18/14 Vt Leg: Gov Shumlin, Sen Mazza

At the Statehouse: Gov Shumlin and Sen Mazza discuss Legislative issues

Played: 6 | Download | Duration: 00:42:08

4/18/14 Vt Leg: Speaker Smith, Rep Deen

Speaker Smith and Rep David Deen, chair of Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources, discuss legislative issues

Played: 6 | Download | Duration: 00:42:28

4/15/14 Lawrence Miller, health care reform

Commerce Sec Miller will become Chief of Health Care Reform in June

Played: 96 | Download | Duration: 00:41:50

4/14/14 James Rickards, Impending Financial Collapse

Rickards is an author and investment advisor. He wrote "The Impending Collapse of the International Monetary System."

Played: 108 | Download | Duration: 00:20:57

4/9/14 Colby Military Writers' Symposium, Hour 2

Ukraine expert Jack Segal and Logan Beirne, author of Blood of Tyrants, the Colby 2014 Winner about George Washington

Played: 105 | Download | Duration: 00:36:48

4/9/14 Colby Military Writers' Symposium: Hour 1

Douglas Macgregor, The Battle of 73 Easting, and John Borling,  Taps on the Walls: Poems from the Hanoi Hilton

Played: 149 | Download | Duration: 00:52:10

4/4/14 At Leg: Gov Shumlin, Sen Pollina

At the Statehouse: Gov Shumlin and Sen Pollina

Played: 100 | Download | Duration: 00:43:27

4/4/14 At Leg: Sen Mullin, Comm Dave Mears #vt #lakechamplain

At the Statehouse: Sen Kevin Mullin, Dept of Environmental Comm David Mears

Played: 101 | Download | Duration: 00:44:58

4/7/14 Naomi Nye, poet

Naomi Nye is the keynote speaker at the Circle of Life conference

Played: 87 | Download | Duration: 00:24:55

4/2/14 Pathways for Veterans

Amy Todisco, Chris Hamel and Laura Gibson discuss a program to help female veterans

Played: 112 | Download | Duration: 00:29:13

3/12/14 Dr Terry Wahls, MS

Dr Wahls is the author of "The Wahl's Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS."

Played: 126 | Download | Duration: 00:18:02

3/31/14 Mansfield Hall

Perry Laroque and Jasmine Lamb discuss program to help college-bound students with disabilities.

Played: 129 | Download | Duration: 00:19:04

3/31/14 Betsy Bishop, Vt Chamber #vt #vtleg #btv

Chamber President Betsy Bishop discusses health care reform

Played: 250 | Download | Duration: 00:25:24

3/28/14 At Leg: Gov Shumlin, Lt Gov Scott #vt #bvt

Gov Shumlin and Lt Gov Scott interviewed separately at the Vermont State House

Played: 132 | Download | Duration: 00:43:24

3/28/14 At Leg: Speaker Smith, Sen Campbell

Speaker Shap Smith and Sen Pres John Campbell interviews at Statehouse

Played: 389 | Download | Duration: 00:39:20

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